About Us

The Sherbrooke Agudath Achim Society (SAAS) is the Jewish community of Sherbrooke, Quebec and the Eastern Townships. The community is recognized by the Quebec Jewish Congress – a Division of the Canadian Jewish Congress, and is the continuation of the original Jewish community of Sherbrooke, Quebec.

The mission of SAAS is to support and grow the Jewish community of Sherbrooke, which is experiencing an exciting growth after many years of decline. The Sherbrooke Agudath Achim Society is an all-inclusive community that includes Jews from all over the world, from secular to observant. The diversity of the Sherbrooke Jewish community has created a strong and enthusiastic Jewish community that is committed to honouring the traditions of our Sephardic and Ashkenazi heritages.

Jewish life in Sherbrooke dates back to the 1800s and all but disappeared in the late 1980s. Today, there is an active Jewish community in Sherbrooke that is comprised of descendants of the original Sherbrooke Jewish community, people from Canada , the U.S. , Latin America, Israel and Europe.

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